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MEDITATED & LIBERATED is a series of programs developed by davidji & Libby designed using real world, practical tools & techniques to increase awareness and manifest the life you really want.

·       Have you achieved a great deal of career success and are asking the question, “Now what?”

·       Have you accomplished your goals and suddenly feel empty?

·       Are you blessed beyond measure yet feel empty beyond belief?

·       Do you need a new definition of success?

Today, more than ever, we wake up realizing how much we are co-creating our existence, and more importantly how much is within our power to change it. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your life is unfolding according to the decisions you have made unconsciously, directed from your level of awareness.

Are you making choices based on fear or love?

As the physicist Albert Einstein famously said, “No problem can ever be solved at the level of awareness at which it was created.”

In order to not only create the life we want but have the awareness to enjoy it we must expand in awareness. What does this mean? It means taking responsibility for our experience and moving from a place of constriction to expansion. From fear to love.

But, how do we move from constriction to expansion within the mind?

It’s starts with identifying the areas in our lives where we are contracted and taking responsibility for being stuck. Awareness is the first step towards transformation. Acting on that awareness IS transformation.

Imagine living a life without boundaries and experiencing each moment as life is happening FOR YOU instead of TO YOU. If you can begin to recognize what level of awareness you are working from then you can make a conscious choice to expand as well.