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Let it go! DETOX YOUR LIFE made simple with Libby and Elise

Not your momma’s detox

Let it go! Detox your life made simple by Libby and Elise

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight

  • Get stronger

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Have clearer skin

  • Eliminate cravings

  • Balance blood sugar

  • Have more energy

  • Balance hormones

  • Have less bloating

‘Tis the detox! There is no better time than now to get rid of all the toxins we have accumulated over the holiday season...and a lifetime!

And really, when are we not detoxing? We process food, thoughts, and all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible. The trouble is that we accumulate more than we process. We become weighted down under the ash of metabolism and the remnants of old emotions.

Join Elise Purcell and Libby Carstensen as they give you an in-depth guide on how to detox your bodies from heavy metals and toxins all the way down to a cellular level plus how to detox your home, emotions, relationships, and life!

This is not your momma’s detox because detoxification isn’t just about eliminating the body of physical toxins. Yoga can aid the body and mind to cleanse both physical and emotional excess. It allows us to break habits and get very clear and focused on what’s important. You’ll learn a Kundalini yoga set that moves the energy of the body and mind to keep you light and vitalized as you let go of emotional and physical toxicity, clutter, and anything that no longer serves you.

And finally, we need to detox our minds from the limited thinking that disrupts our lives and our relationships. You’ll learn a self-coaching method that you can use to uncover your toxic thoughts and the feelings that go with them.

Detox your life! Libby and Elise have made it simple. You’ll leave lighter and brighter and with a clear sense of how we get toxic and what we can do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it? Detox your life (made simple)

When is it? Saturday, January 12th 1-5 PM

Where is it? Gather Encinitas

How much is it? $105 in advance, only 9 spaces remain in our DETOX your life (made simple) workshop. Due to the intimate nature of this event first come first served and payment is non-refundable.

How do I enroll? Enroll online at Gather Encinitas

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